Outdoor Clematis Getaway

You Will Need:

6 large planters
6 clematis plants
2 dozen bedding flowers (petunias, violas, etc)
6 poles about 3 ft. tall
Potting soil
1ft. of wire


  1. Choose a corner of your yard, deck or patio for constructing this get-away.
  2. Choose 6 large planters and fill with potting soil.
  3. Plant one clematis plant deep in each of the containers.
  4. Plant your bedding flowers (petunias, violas, etc) around the edge of the clematis.
  5. Place the planters in a semi-circle  with a small opening in the front.
  6. Place one pole in each of the 6 planters near the clematis plant.
  7. Bring the tops of the poles together to create a tee-pee like structure out of the 6 poles.
  8. Secure the top of the poles with a wire or string.
  9. In a few weeks, the clematis plants with grow quickly and climb the poles, creating a great hide-out for children.